Don’t wait for a rainy day to enjoy a cup of Jiaogulan, keep getting the health supporting benefits each day.

Some cultures prefer hot drinks with hot weather, and cold drinks with cold weather. If that’s not your thing, then add ice. Jiaogulan makes a refreshing iced drink (just prepare it as usual then pour over ice).

An herbal tea, Jiaogulan is organic and caffeine free. Without caffeine, it won’t interfere with sleep, and can comfortably be taken when you’re sick (it’s a great comfort when you’ve been sick with stomach flu, or with a little added honey to help when you haven’t been eating, or as a warm cup held up to a sore ear or sinus cavity).

Jiaogulan promotes balance in the body, and is known for having various benefits in the regions where it’s been grown for centuries. From stomach support (against ulcers and more), to heart support and help with endurance, Jiaogulan is an excellent addition to your day, hot or cold.

If you aren’t giving up caffeine, keep it confined to morning. After lunch, caffeine can contribute to insomnia (and too much can lead to stress on your heart). Instead, switch to an herbal tea like Jiaogulan after lunch, and make it a calm moment. Get energy from centering yourself and regrouping, rather than powering through with caffeine. Before bed, Jiaogulan can be a calming cup to relax you (and not only does no caffeine mean no stimulation, it also means no diuretic effect that will interrupt sleep!

If you already enjoy Jiaogulan, keep enjoying it all summer long. If you haven’t tried it, it’s time to give it a try.

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