Snow LadyIf you have seasonal depression (and doesn’t everyone get a touch?) this winter has been especially hard. Near constantly overcast, frigid days locking you indoors, making the roads impassable, the days bleak. And if you didn’t hear, groundhog Phil has promised us 6 more weeks of winter—but I don’t think anyone is surprised.

With no sign of sunshine on the horizon, here’s how to stay cheerful through the end of winter:

-When it’s warm, (and we in Denver are getting a few warm days this week), take a walk outside. Early afternoon will be warmest, even if it’s not quite warm enough to skip a hat and scarf. Fresh air and sunshine will help—sunshine especially will help stimulate Vitamin D production, all of which i tied to a happier outlook.

-For all those days where going outside (especially long enough to get sunshine) isn’t feasible—make sure you have a good multivitamin. Vitamin D is important to both health and happiness, and without a good dose of sunshine you need to get some through a supplement.

-If you are feeling extra down or are usually susceptible to depression, try DSA MGRx, an all natural herbal supplement that can support a happy and healthy state of mind.

-Find somewhere to exercise. If you have a winter sport, great—but if not, find somewhere indoors that you can move enough to get endorphins flowing.

-Eat lots of fruits and veggies. When the snow is piling up on your doorstep, comfort food is going to sound good—but it will weigh you, and your mood, down.

How are you holding up against the winter storms?


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