Famous sleeping pills are getting a warning added to their box: they may cause extreme side-effects which can lead to accidents, burns, loss of limb, or even loss of life. Box warnings are the strongest in the US system. In addition, anyone who has had a reaction (which can happen after one use or hundreds) are advised to discontinue any use of that sort of sleeping pill. Good things you can get natural sleep aids like Sleep Support Pack.

You may have heard the jokes about sleep walking, sleep driving, and more—far more extreme anecdotes than the old “woke up eating my pillow” punchline. But it stops being funny when you become one of the many yearly cases of extreme injury or death, which is why action has been taken to add a warning!

Here’s how you can fight insomnia naturally, and get a safer night’s rest:

-Switch to a natural sleep aid and support real sleep. Herbs long known to support falling and staying asleep as well as minerals needed in the body for nighttime support are a better way to support your brain’s nightly shut-down.

-Make daytime changes before you even hit the pillow: more exercise, less caffeine, alcohol, and junk; set aside time to mentally unwind, and get a little sunshine in the morning to set your circadian rhythm.

Calm things down before bed. Less screens, less food, and last less water. A warm bath can help your body and mind relax.

-Set the stage: what can make your bed and room better for sleeping? A new pillow might save you hours then days of time over the next few years. Or a fan, new sheets, or layout. Ask yourself: is anything uncomfortable or distracting me?

Avoid chancing it on dangerous sleeping pills—they may make you pass out, but you’re not getting real rest. Go natural with Sleep Support Pack.


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