Legs On LadderRestless leg syndrome is different for different people. When, how, how long, and even where (RLS can affect more than just legs!) can all vary. Some people experience tingling, others an ache, throb, or pull.

But one thing that people with RLS often have in common is that they don’t sleep as well as they’d like to.

First, if you have RLS, talk to your doctor. There’s always the risk it’s a symptom of a different disease, and your doctor can help to rule that out.

People with RLS have episodes that last about an hour where they have an almost compulsive need to move the affected limb. Not only do these occur more frequently a night, but they are often more intense (and triggered by lying down, so you might be okay up until you go to bed!)

To treat RLS naturally, you need a two pronged approach:

First, take care of your body. That means getting enough nutrition, and more specifically, gettin the support your body needs while you sleep.

The things you need while you sleep—melatonin, minerals, etc.,—not only help you to sleep better, they are actually super important in terms of bodily maintenance. For example, melatonin is known as a sleep supporting hormone for the brain, but it’s also a powerful antioxidant with jobs around the body!

Nerve, limb, and muscle health could definitely be affected if you’re comin up shy on your vitamins and minerals, and that would definitely make RLS worse! So support night time health with Nite MGR and Cal Mag Complete.

The second prong on a natural approach is to master your mind. Stress, anxiety, and other worries can amp up physical ailments, including RLS. But here’s a way to fight RLS and stress: meditate.

There’s lots of evidence that meditation lowers stress levels, so I won’t belabor that point, but here’s something you may not have known: meditators often have to fight RLS like symptoms, and overcoming them is part of your growth. For example, you might suddenly irk and feel a compulsion to scratch, or really want to stretch/crack your back, or stretch out and shake your legs, but there’s no physical reason for it (assuming you haven’t been at it for hours)! So you have to practice ignoring and letting go of the need. I think it would be a great skill for someone losing sleep to RLS.

If you want to take a physical approach to mastering the mind, support your brain with D.S.A. MGRx, or try colloidal gold, which is reported to focus the mind. (Or both)

How do you deal with RSL?


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