Maitake Beta Glucan Extract is our newest product. It features a mixture of mushrooms (Organic Maitake, Organic Reishi, Organic Shiitake, and Organic Agaricus) known in the East for their medicinal properties and in the West for their their very results in research/experiments.

Not just immune support, evidence suggests these mushrooms interact with the immune system to boost it (and possibly even help to balance it)!

Let’s look more closely at the ingredients in Maitake Beta Glucan Extract:

– Maitake is the star ingredient; with lots of antioxidants the maitake mushroom even has a government funded clinical trial that showed it boosted immune cell count.

– Reishi mushroom has also has immune boosting effects, but it’s also linked to antitumor properties, and is thought to support liver health.

– While you might be familiar with Shiitake from gourmet meals, you may not know that you’re getting an immune boost when you eat it, in addition to Vitamin D, B Vitamins, and support for energy levels, brain health, and metabolism/body weight.

– Agaricus Mushroom may be knew to you, but you should get to know it! Agaricus is thought to offer heart and bone support in addition to immune support.

While an immune boost is pretty thematic (and again, there’s a history of using these mushrooms for immune balance with issues like allergies), there’s a balance of whole-body support offered.

Aren’t mushrooms common and easy to eat?

Kind of. Not all grocery stores carry anything beyond the most common type, and picking mushrooms isn’t safe unless you’re an expert (poisonous and safe is a fine line visually, and there are hundreds of members in a single genus—that’s a lot to know!).

And they definitely aren’t in the average diet each day (especially not that variety!), but their benefits are well documented, and go back thousands of years, so it’s a shame to miss out on what could be a daily benefit.

Try out Maitake Beta Glucan Extract and get the benefits of mushrooms into each and every day.

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