Sip a cup of tea. It warms you up (perfect when you’re chilled with fever). It provides some nice steam for your sinuses. It helps clear your throat of gunk, mucus, and the warmth soothes those swollen tonsils. And if you pick a healthy herbal tea like Jiaogulan, it offers better support for you as you go through the illness.

Jiaogulan was first known as an ulcer treatment; it supports your digestive tract. If you’re experiencing nausea, it’s an easy thing to sip between (attempted) meals. If you’re having trouble with taste, or with getting plain water down, it’s a healthier choice than a sugary soda or “energy” drink.

Perhaps now better known as heart and general cardiovascular support, Jiaogulan is helpful support for longer illnesses like the flu where you can feel the toll deep inside you: the fatigue, aches, and squeezing pressure from coughing that seems to tax your entire body. Being caffeine free, it can soothe you into sleep, rather than interfering (and no sugar helps with that, too).

If you haven’t brewed a cup of our Jiaogulan Tea yet, order some and give it a try. It’s great as a small daily act of heart support, a mental break in the afternoon or before bed, or as something soothing to drink when you’re ill.

And you can drink it iced, too, if you’re craving something cold or just want a break for the warmer weather (which hopefully shows up soon!).

You never know when you’ll need to offer company something natural to help put them at ease, so there’s another reason to have some Jiaogulan Tea at hand.

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