Days are getting longer and brighter, and if you’re a light sleeper, that can make it harder to get the sleep you need. Stay ahead of it before spring officially arrives with some basic good sleep practices, and if you need an extra boost, our Sleep Support Pack.

Winter is made for hibernating. Long days, clouds, and cool weather. If you don’t have a strongly routine circadian rhythm, earlier/later light might be able to trick your body into be awake mode. Make sure that you have a consistent routine for sleeping, and don’t be afraid to work that sunlight to your advantage by stepping outside for a few moments first thing in the morning. You’ll help train your circadian rhythm, and boost your mood and immune system with Vitamin D.

At night, set the scene for sleep. If the sun being up bothers you, invest in some blackout curtains (they’ll help regulate temperature, too). For most people, unnatural light is more likely to be the culprit that keeps them awake. Start by covering any glowing LEDs in your room (even a TV or computer that’s off may still have one). Then make a habit of taking an hour or two before bed free of screentime.

In fact, that time before bed should be a calm unwinding. Even eating or drinking too much can disrupt your sleep; eating before bed makes more work for your heart and gut, when they should be using the rest time, too, and drinking might cause you to wake so you can eliminate.

For people who struggle with sleep, exercise sometime in the morning can help tune and wear out there body for sleeping at night.

If you’re insomnia goes beyond simple fixes, try our Sleep Support Pack. It’s not a knockout pill like sleeping pills, it supports actual sleep with nutrition and herbs. A lot happens in your body at night, it cleans out and rejuvenates itself. Even on nights where you’re naturally tired, taking our nutritional sleep support helps everything keep functioning by replacing the nutritional building blocks you use up at night.

Sleep Support Pack isn’t just an occasional sleep aid, it supports deeper, better sleep each night for the real rest your body needs.

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