Mosquito Bite Arm Close UpIt’s essential: support your immune system after a bite. New research has found that insect bites dramatically increase the spread of infection by allowing it to “hitchhike” a ride on your immune cells. Specifically, it’s mosquito saliva that’s allowing viruses like Dengue and West Nile to quickly spread throughout the body on immune cells.
Since West Nile ranges from Florida to as far north as Canada, that means that everyone could use a little immune support after a bite. What kind of immune support? Researches suggested that anti-inflammatories may become an important step after a bite (of course, you have to notice the bite first!). Anti-inflammatories can come from natural sources, like berries, sources modeled after nature, like aspirin and other OTCs, or be prescribed. In addition to that, get another layer of immune support from colloidal silver. If you’re outside a lot, don’t always notice bites, or want to worry a little less, use it for daily support. Or, use it for a big boost after you get bit! And of course, don’t forget prevention. With Zika spreading alongside Dengue and more, bug spray is essential this summer (especially if you head to the south where warmth and humidity is allowing Aedes aegypti to thrive). Long sleeves and pants help with both ticks and mosquitos, especially if you’re headed into long grass. Mosquito prevention varies county to county, and there aren’t good plans for fighting back A. aegypti which carries Zika, Dengue, Chik-V, and likes to live inside (preferably under your bed). Right now, it’s up to individuals to clear their yards of mosquito havens like still water, tick entrances like talk grass/wood piles (mice), and pay attention to what’s going on where you travel! Daily immune support from colloidal silver is a good back up while researchers come up with more ways to push back against mosquitoes. Share your summer tips in the comments:

MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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