VitaminsThere’s an eye grabbing headline going around: skip multivitamins. They don’t do much, the story claims.

But not all multivitamins are the same. In fact, the cheapest, most common ones—the ones you can get at the grocery store—are well documented to be worthless. So OF COURSE a general study would find them to be worth skipping.

What’s wrong with grocery store vitamins? They have no standards. They’re often missing most of what’s on the label, or the wrong proportions. A few have been caught with dangerous herbs in the mix that weren’t supposed to be there. Plus, they have nasty fillers and preservatives.

GOOD multivitamins do help—especially if you eat the standard American diet (even sometimes). Or if you’re one of the growing number of Americans with a GI problem: a food intolerance, inflammation, allergies, the wrong gut bacteria… And they can just provide a good safety net (if you’ve ever forgotten them for a few days after taking them steadily, you’ll feel what I mean).

So ignore the sensational news stories. They’re only true for low end products.

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