There are so many discoveries about how important our gut bacteria are, they’re hard to miss. The composition of our gut may be responsible for how long we stay young, if we’re thin, if we’re happy, or even if we struggle with chronic health conditions. The list is going on and on, and as it grows, researchers are taking the next step to figure out how to best support healthy bacteria. Here’s one piece of the puzzle they’ve discovered: Vitamin A. Having enough Vitamin A in your diet can be ensured with a supplement like Deep Ocean Krill or Cardio CVS.

How does Vitamin A help your gut bacteria? It’s all about balance. Vitamin A helps balance the gut with the immune system, keeping the immune system in check and allowing healthy gut bacteria to grow. When you have enough Vitamin A in your diet, there’s some hanging out in your gut, helping the right bacteria to grow.

Research is early, and it’s also possible that there’s a reciprocal relationship—too many of the wrong sort of gut bacteria, and you have Vitamin A deficiency, or unchecked inflammation (like Crohn’s or other autoimmune diseases). Teasing apart cause and effect is tricky and can take years of research!

In the meantime, support healthy gut bacteria with a healthy diet—which is good to have anyhow! When it comes to Vitamin A, you don’t need a ton extra (it’s fat soluble)—just make sure you’re eating a healthy diet or getting nutrients from a good supplement like Cardio CVS or Deep Ocean Krill Oil.

Healthy habits, including diet and exercise, encourage good gut bacteria. Supplements provide an extra layer of support!

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