There are many superfoods out there; they variously support heart, bones, brain health, and many other things, and they’re an important nutritional building block. But as research comes out, there may not be an easier, more sweeping way to support health than building up your good gut bacteria with probiotics.

Probiotics, which are found in fermented foods like yogurt and kefir or in high-quality probiotic supplements like Flora MGR, are such an integral part of our health they may partially define who we are. Our general mood, our desires, and other things that we think we’re in control of may actually be those little bacteria talking to our brain.

What’s in our gut is also changing how our body works: how well we absorb nutrients, how efficiently we absorb calories (and there is a too efficiently as well as not efficiently enough), and how we battle invading pathogens or ongoing inflammation. Heart health and more may be impacted by how well we care for our gut and nurture a healthy microbiome in our stomach.

Nutrition is an important part of our health, but good bacteria may be even more important as an underlying guiding force. So how do we get better bacteria?

Medically, doctors now perform fecal transplants from thin, healthy people to correct others’ guts (especially if they’ve been taken over by a bad virus or bacteria or wiped out by antibiotics). There isn’t yet a recipe for a perfect gut, so doctors are sticking to a transfer (the biggest risk is contamination, hospitals have some nasty germs).

On your own you can encourage a healthy gut microbiome with good habits. But if you’re overrun with bad bacteria, it can be hard to get started—those bacteria also motivate us to fuel them with either good or bad habits, creating a bit of a feedback loop. Pick a spot to break the loop—more exercise, vegetables, sleep, or less stress, and build from there.

You can also cheat by supplementing in good bacteria. Flora MGR provides a wide variety of good bacteria to help build a robust, diverse colony in your gut so it can guide you to better health. As we come out of winter, it may be time to correct for stomach problems (vomiting and diarrhea can harm colonies), invading pathogens (viral infections and swallowed mucus), fevers, and courses of antibiotics. Use Flora MGR to help course correct the ship and building up healthy habits.

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