Vitamin B12 should be in your diet, but might not be if you are vegan or are eating the typical American diet instead of a healthier one. If you are experiencing mouth ulcers, have pale yellow skin, or frequently get the sensation of pins and needles, you might be short B12. Make sure you’re getting all B vitamins in your diet with CoEnZyme B Complex.

Vitamin B12 isn’t just one of the important ones, it’s a common one to be short on. There aren’t many vegan sources, so special diets may omit this necessary nutrient.

Some people have a disease that blocks B12 from being absorbed, which requires monitoring and more from a medical professional. Others just have trouble absorbing enough, either as a symptom of aging, or a side-effect of other gastric trouble. A supplement that provides easy to absorb nutrients like Co-EnZyme B Complex may be a better source of B vitamins.

Vitamin B12 is naturally found in meat, eggs, and dairy, and occasionally in fermented foods. Vegans, vegetarians, those lactose intolerant or cutting back on animal fats, etc., may not eat enough. Vitamin B12 is also found in fermented foods (in variable quantities and a cheaper form).

If you are unsure about how much B12 you’re getting, make sure you have a nutritional safety net with CoEnZyme B Complex. Even mild nutrient deficiencies can zap your energy, and lower your overall feeling of wellness. Raise your standard for how you feel and make sure you are getting all your nutrients.

Get all your B Vitamins with CoEnZyme B Complex.

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