Post Menopausal Women Benefit From Calcium and Vitamin D

INSIDE THIS ARTICLE: study has found that women taking a regular Vitamin D and Calcium supplement have better cholesterol levels (both good and bad) than those not taking a supplement. Women in the group who took a supplement didn’t have Vitamin D deficiency, either.

It’s already recommended that women take a calcium supplement to help support their bones, which can weaken due to hormones and ageing. This new study just adds another reason to make sure you get your daily dose.

It’s not the first study to find that there are heart benefits to getting enough Vitamin D and Calcium, but previous studies had mixed results. This study aimed to create clarity by making a closer examination—and found that white, Latina, and black women all experienced the same benefit.

Something else to consider—it’s just not supplements that can help—spring is flustered around the corner, and a small dose of sunlight each day can also help keep your Vitamin D levels up.

And finally, another benefit: Vitamin D will help keep you happy, and fight off any lingering winter depression. So add a supplement to your daily routine, take a sunlit walk, or make sure your diet is full of calcium rich foods like dairy and dark green veggies, and Vitamin D rich foods like fish, beef, and eggs.


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