GourdsWhile I love the fresh fruit and abundance of spring, fall has a lot to offer too. And it’s more than the pumpkin spice drinks at your favorite coffee shop!

Try cauliflower! Before you skip on because of bad memories, try steaming it then pureeing with olive oil, butter, and your favorite herbs.

And get excited for citrus season! Even if you just drink orange juice, it will start tasting better soon. Or get creative and do something new with oranges, lemons, and limes: cook. Stuff one in a chicken, sauté them into something savory, or just cheat and google some recipes.

If you want even more Vitamin C, try a kiwi. Fun tip: you can eat the skins. If you’ve been too lazy to eat them in the past (I assume this is common based on how they’re marketed in our grocery), getting a little fiber from the skins isn’t a bad option.

Spruce up your favorite salad or soup with chicories like Belgian endives or radicchio. Remember, color means more nutrition, so a few purple leaves will boost the nutrition of your meal.

Hate bitter leaves? Try colorful root vegetables instead, like beets and turnips. Chop them for salads, or roast them for a sweet side dish.

And here’s a well known superfood to top your salad with: avocado. You can also add avocado to Mexican and Asian dishes.

Or go for a sweet salad topping with berries (which pop up in winter in some locales), pomegranate seeds, and pears.

And enjoy gourds! Did you know—pumpkins actually come in a wide variety of colors and flavors, not just jack-o-lantern orange? Ask your nearest pumpkin patch about their offerings.

You can eat every part of a pumpkin—and there’s a number of ways to cook it. Bake, mash, and peel and it’s ready to bake with. Or bake and mix in your favorite dairy—butter for a sweet side or cheese for a more savory one. And don’t forget other gourds like acorn, butternut, and spaghetti squash.

Sound daunting? Cheat! Add a superfood to your drink with our Green PWRx (or just take it in a capsule).

What are your favorite winter natural treats?


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