Guy CoughingIt’s not just cold snaps blowing through; the flu virus is active, now, too (not surprising since it usually starts in October).

For numerous reasons, including the outing of the spray-vaccine as ineffective, it’s expected to be a bad flu season with more cases than usual. Make sure you have enough colloidal silver for the whole family.

How can you prepare?

If you landed here because you already have the flu, it’s not too late. Start by drinking lots of water (or clear liquid like tea—try our healthy, caffeine-free Jiaogulan). A tea kettle will also help to humidify your air, slowing flu transmission to those around you.

And rest. Americans are bad at taking days off work, but if you get better faster it’s a better deal in the long run. Flu complications can include sinus or ear infections, bacterial pneumonia (from mucus clogged pipes), and the flu can trigger a cascade of problems with chronic health conditions you might already have, like heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.

Should you eat?

“Starve a fever, feed a cold”. Recent research in mice found truth to the old saying. If you catch flu symptoms early, eat up! Your body fights viruses better on a full stomach.

But if you’ve progressed to a bacterial infection (you can feel the fever in your congested sinuses and your hacking is getting worse) listen to your body. If it’s not hungry, don’t force feed yourself. Sip some warm broth, work your way up to soup, and go from there. Food may favor bacteria in the battle raging inside you.

(And just a hypothesis—if food helps fight a virus, maybe it’s because it’s feeding your beneficial bacterial colonies? Make sure probiotics are a regular part of your diet).

If the flu hasn’t hit you yet, consoder stocking your freezer with pre-prepped ingredients for easy, healthy meals.

And make sure that you have plenty of colloidal silver on hand. Don’t wait until the flu hits to restock, get your order in now. Have enough for a daily dose and/or a boost when illness hits!

Has the flu swept through your town yet?


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