Product Profile: Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant


What gives this Antioxidant product its “triple strength”? It contains a variety of antioxidants and antioxidant sources: antioxidants that traditionally come from food (like vitamin C), the building blocks for antioxidants your body makes, and “recyclers” which are antioxidants that get used/cause other antioxidants to be used twice (like Lipoic Acid Complex). Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant draws on multiple sources of antioxidants to give a well-rounded assortment to supplement your diet, which includes: Flavanoids (powerful antioxidants from plants), grape seed and skin extract, turmeric root extract (grapes and turmeric are strongly praised anti-inflammation sources), and other important ingredients like zinc, which is a part of over 3000 protein complexes in your body.

Why Antioxidants?

Antioxidants eliminate free radicals within the body. Free radicals play an important part in your health, but if they get out of hand (because of prolonged stress or chronic inflammation) antioxidants are required to keep balance within your body and protect you from oxidative stress. As we age, we have fewer antioxidants on reserve and it becomes more important to vigilantly include them in our diet.

Why Supplement?

Sometimes our diets fail to live up to what they should be (full of a variety of fruits and vegetables), either because we indulge in comfort food, are limited in access due to seasonal availability or geographical location, or because if we ate every single thing that’s good for us everyday we’d be overfull. For those reasons, it can be useful to add supplements to your diet to make sure that you are meeting your daily recommended dosage of vitamins, and supporting any nutritional gaps in your diet. For more on what makes Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant a good antioxidant supplement, and for a full list of ingredients, click here.


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