Rain Through A WindowIf you find yourself inside when you were hoping for a nice outing, there are other good ways to use your time! Like how about relaxing? Don’t just “pass” the afternoon—use it to your advantage!

After a summer of fun, you might be feeling a little run down, and maybe even ready for fall. Here’s the perfect way to recharge when you’re inside on a cloudy or storming afternoon:

Start with a cup of tea. To get the brain to let go, sometimes it takes an “event”. Have you ever walked into a room, and forgot what you were getting? The door frame is an event threshold that causes a sort of reset. Have you ever been struggling to fall asleep, but noticed that rolling over quiets your mind (or maybe changes the subject?). That phenomena is really useful if you know how to harness it, and a cup of tea is a great ritual to clear your mind, either for some rest, or before starting an afternoon activity.

While there are many health benefits to traditional tea, consider trying an herbal tea well-known for its health benefits, especially for the cardiovascular system.

Jiaogulan tea is an organic caffeine free tea that may help support the heart, digestion, and more. It’s a great way to start your afternoon when you’d rather be on a bike.

Then, do something for your mind that maybe you haven’t spent as much time on this summer. A book, some art, or another project to catch your focus and stretch your mind a little. You could organize photos from this summer, or plan your fall activities.

And make sure that whatever you do, it’s relaxing for you. Stress has a huge and well-documented effect on your health. If you’re feeling caught up in the back-to-school rush, like you need to cram in a few more summer trips, or just have a lot on your mind, make sure you take a time-out. You’ll be better and faster at dealing with your problems after.

How do you spend rainy afternoons?


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