Exhausted WomanAdvocates for the 2.5 million American suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are hoping that a more serious name will get them taken more seriously by doctors, employers, and medical researchers.

The new name, Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease, emphasizes the gravity of the situation—that it’s not just a “syndrome”, and it’s not psychiatric in origin.

What are SEID/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms?

Getting diagnosed is tricky, because fatigue can indicate a lot of different diseases, and there are a lot of natural remedies to try that might rule it out.

Someone who truly has SEID has the following problems:

-For at least six months, you experience fatigue, or lower energy levels than previously.
-Activity (even just walking to the car) makes things even worse (often to the point where you end up back in bed).
-Sleep doesn’t refresh you or fix or your fatigue (true sleep, not sleeping pill sleep).

PLUS at least one additional symptom, like:

-“Brain fog” or cognitive impairment
-Symptoms improve when you lie down, and it’s hard to stand up

Rule Out SEID/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

Because there are numerous causes of fatigue, make sure you rule out easy to fix ones:

-Eat a healthy diet. Processed foods low on nutrients and high in sugar will wipe you out. If you’re diet has veered away from fresh fruits and veggies, get it back on track, and add an extra layer of nutrition with a daily multivitamin.

-Are you getting a good night’s sleep? It doesn’t just mean you had your eyes closed for 8 hours. A good night’s sleep means your brain orchestrated numerous refreshing processed that support your mind, heart, and more! You can support a good night’s sleep with our Sleep Support Pack.

-Maybe energy is low from ageing, stress/mental distraction, or depression. Try colloidal gold for extra support while you work out a strategy to support yourself, like meditation, an action plan (or acceptance/inaction), etc. for facing problems.

-It could be inflammation, or a weakened immune system. An alternate suggestion for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’s new name was myalgic encephalomyelitis, which reflected that many people with chronic fatigue syndrome also have muscle pain and brain and/or spinal cord inflammation. Make sure you support your immune system (try colloidal silver!).

-You might need more exercise. A strong heart keeps blood flowing, and movement help the lymphatic system to function. A moderate exercise routine will give you an immediate boost in energy levels—if you don’t have SEID.

Rule Out Other Diseases

Some, like the flu, will immediately make it apparent why you’ve felt fatigued. But others, like chronic Lyme Disease, cancer, or hidden inflammation, may require a doctor to run some tests. If you can’t naturally kick your fatigue with the above good-health practices, rule out other diseases.

I’ve Gone Through The List—It’s Definitely SEID/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

There are lots of ways to manage symptoms—but no specific treatment or cure. You’ll have to make a plan with your doctor based on your particular needs.

Don’t forget to support your immune system, in case it is hidden inflammation, and because you might not recognize other diseases whose primary symptom is fatigue!

What do you think of the name change—will it help?

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