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The clocks sprang forward as the days started to really lengthen, to warm, and to get busier. You might be waking from your winter hibernation to find that sleeping is harder than it was a month or two ago. Here’s how you can naturally battle insomnia and settle back to blissful slumber.

If you already know that sleep is an ongoing struggle for you, skip right to the chase and get extra help from our Sleep Support Pack.

Here are natural ways you can help your body to sleep at night. Try one or try them all:

Let’s start in the morning. When you wake up, or at first light, spend a minute in the sunshine. You’ll get a Vitamin D boost, and you’ll also help set your circadian rhythm. The trouble with disrupted sleep is that the real trouble can start when your arm goes off and you’re still tired, so take steps to guide your body and the hormones it’s making in the right direction with some natural light.

Next, plot time in your day for some movement. Again, you’re helping to regulate your natural body chemicals to be healthier (which leads to other healthy things like good sleep), but you’re also tiring yourself out and likely reducing problems like restless leg syndrome.

After lunch, cut back the caffeine (you can replace it with something healthy like our Jiaogulan tea if the habit is hard to break). Limit alcohol, which can disrupt natural, beneficial sleep, and when you get closer to bedtime cut back on eating and drinking, too. Digesting while you sleep is thought to be hard on your heart.

Build good sleep hygiene, which means good habits like making your bed a place for sleep (not work or TV), reducing light as much as possible, and developing a bedtime routine. A warm bath, reading, meditation, or whatever calms and soothes you can make for a good transition.

Make sure there’s enough time to get a full night’s rest. Genetics and health determine how much sleep you need, so don’t try and make yourself a 7 hour person if you’re really an 8 hour a night person.

If nothing else works for you, you can guide your body in the right direction and still keep it natural with our Sleep Support Pack. Combing Cal Mag Complete, which provides the minerals your body needs for nighttime maintenance and Sleep MGR which has nutrients and herbs known for supporting real sleep, our Sleep Support Pack is a tool for a better night’s rest. (Even if you think you’re a good sleeper, our Sleep Support Pack might help you feel more rested in the morning).


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