Many sleeping pills use chemicals to put you into an unnatural sleep—you may not wake during the night, but you probably won’t be truly rested in the morning. Over 30% of the population suffers from insomnia, while even more feel sleep deprived.

Unfortunately for all those insomniacs, sleep is very important to our health, both in the immediately tangible way of feeling rested and more productive, and in a less immediate way—with sleep, the body heals, performing functions that are necessary for good health. Sleep is also a time for other systems in the body to rest, lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

The ingredients of Nite MGR work by replenishing necessary nutritional elements for sleep, as well as giving support to the nervous system, which regulates the speeding and slowing of bodily processes. Without these nutrients, your body will draw them from itself, complicating both sleep and health.

Nite MGR contains the neurotransmitters that your brain relies on the most, including GABA, which is associated with calming your body. Ingredients like melotonin support your circadian rhythm (telling you when to wake, sleep, etc.), and very potent natural plant extracts help calm your body for sleep.

Ornithine Alpha-ketoglutaric, an ingredient in Nite MGR, helps with removing ammonia from the body, which comes from the gas that natural (and sometimes helpful) parasites in our body give off.

Designed based on the most recent research, Nite MGR can help your body fall asleep without any of the side effects or addiction of sleeping pills. Nite MGR is  natural sleep aid, and it provides a great nutritional tableau for your body, so that it can perform necessary healing at night (and, when it does this, it’s using calories, so it can help you lose weight).

Bonus: getting enough sleep can help slow aging, whereas not getting enough will speed it up, AND Nite MGR contains antioxidants, which help fight free radicals that cause some signs of aging.

What are your best tips for getting a peaceful night’s sleep?


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