Woman With Mirror AgingThat’s the route that researchers are trying to go—after all, once you have a disease, treatment can often become a domino effect of more symptoms and diseases!

So researchers are exploring drugs that might possibly slow aging in the body, leading to delayed age-related illnesses. It’s not just the vanity of looking young—it’s keeping the body younger, working better, and extending the years of good-health. Right now old age and medicine can be a sad two-sided coin: living longer, but being very, very ill. So instead of just working to treat problems better, researchers are looking to delay them!

If you’re familiar with traditional herbs and medicines, this isn’t a surprising idea. It’s what many cultures have been doing for centuries!

There’s no fountain of youth yet (although there are some people who believe very strongly technology is getting very very close to some exciting things—believable when you look at some of the things we’re working on—3D printing organs, growing limbs in labs, and other crazy successes). But we’re edging better health and longevity forward in leaps and bounds—and having concentrated research and attention on it can only be a good thing!

If you want to support your health at home, just eat healthy, including lots of antioxidants (which fight inflammation that causes aging), sleep enough, and generally take care of your body. Besides weakening your immune system, the long term effect of bad habits like not sleeping enough, eating processed foods, and not moving enough is faster aging!

What are your thoughts on current medical research?


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