“Sitting is killing us” has been a trendy headline for the last five years or so. Standing desks, yoga balls, and a myriad number of other inventions all aim to get us to stand more at work, where an increasing number of people find themselves in a chair, in front of a computer all day. Pair that with sedentary hobbies (the boom in sprawling television series, more things to read with endless news articles on our smartphones, and a rise in crafting hobbies) and we’re sitting more than ever, and of course, the corollary, too—moving less.

Change is hard, and the “modern lifestyle” is only getting more pervasive and all-consuming. So rather than go cold turkey or add a hard to maintain exercise habit, make moving part of your lifestyle. Similar to the standing desk, make moving a part of your Netflix binge, book a week challenge, or work.

The nice thing about smartphones is that while they mean more time staring at a screen, you can do that anywhere. If you want to exercise more, you can get more time out of your day—either take your phone with you on the treadmill, or get your TV watching finished with the dishes and laundry, leaving time for a leisurely walk or other activity.

Or combine screens, since they’re everywhere, and do a simple sit-and-be-fit style workout while you watch the latest shows. YouTube has lots of free workout content, much of which is geared toward those looking for light or beginner level exercise.

Finally, no matter your fitness level, make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs. Add a daily multivitamin to your routine to help your body build, repair, and function optimally.


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