Yoga girl with back pain


The best way to get at pain is to support your body as it heals. With Body RLF, you aren’t just soothing your aches in the short term, your helping your body work through it for the long term.

Aches come in all shapes and sizes—whether it’s at the end of an active day, the immediate pain of injury, or the creeping aches of age.The best way for your body to fight them is with targeted nutritional support—after all, how can it heal itself without the building blocks it needs?

Many people often feel the difference with Body RLF. It can be hard to sleep if your body is sore, but with Body RLF supporting healing the days aches don’t have as much of an impact on your night’s sleep.

Other ways to naturally support aching muscles, injuries, and other minor complaints include taking a salt bath, using Dakota Muscle Relief on tension and knots, gentle massage, stretching, or movement (depending on the type of ache or injury), and drinking lots of water.

Don’t forget the critical recipe to healing. In addition to supplying your body with the nutrients it needs for rebuilding, make sure you take time to rest and let your body focus on healing. Other healthy habits aren’t just supportive, they’re good for avoiding other problems that might divert the body’s attention from restoration (like processing junk food, having to heal another injury, etc.).

Make sure you have Body RLF on hand before you need it, so you can support your body after a hard day working (even if you just sat funny all day), a surprise injury, or a new creaking joint.


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