sad depressed womanWinter’s over, but you might still feel like you have the blahs.

Depression symptoms include being excessively worried, sad, overly anxious, and lifeless. Many people feel some symptoms during winter months, but now that spring is here, if you still feel them, you may have depression.

Many people want to start with natural treatments for depression before paying a therapist or starting a drug cascade. If your symptoms are new or mild, natural treatments for depression may be worth trying. If you have any suicidal ideation, however, see a therapist (you may still be able to try natural treatments for depression).

Natural Treatments For Depression:

-Go out with good friends, or invite them over for tea. Talking out your problems, or even just being social for little while, may help you feel better. Just make sure to avoid any Debbie-Downers or Toxic “Friends”. Choose someone known for being cheery.

-Do activities you used to enjoy. It may be the opposite of what you feel like doing, but enlist a good friend (see above) to get you started. It may offer you a fresh (or you old) perspective on things. Ideally, commit to doing something on a regular basis that you like, and that makes you feel good. It can even be alone time if you stick to it.

-You are what you eat, and do. That is to say: don’t sit around all day eating processed sugar and trans fats, your body’s reaction will compound your depression symptoms. Instead, start by doing some light exercise (or whatever you’re used to). Exercise will trigger endorphins to make you feel happier (and is a good natural treatment for depression all by itself! You don’t have to even think—just let the natural drugs your body makes all by itself do the work!), and exercise will help you to crave healthy foods, which will make your body feel good, leading to you feeling good. Plus you’re likely to have more self-confidence, and pride for taking care of yourself!

-Similarly, try natural supplements to boost your natural efforts. Here are two to start with:

MesoGold colloidal gold is reported to boost brain function, meaning sharpness, memory, and even possibly relieve some symptoms of depression.

DSA MGRx by Welltrients is a mixture of natural herbs all reported to help with depression, including St. John’s Wort (so be careful about mixing this one with other medications).

You can even get them in a combination pack.

-Try meditation. You don’t have to grow dreads or do yoga in the park to give meditation a whirl: just start with five minutes a day in a quiet corner of your home. There are different methods, so pick one that appeals to you:

Try and let your mind go blank. Semi-focus on a space before you, and let any thoughts that come up drift away.

Try and focus on your mind. Where do the thoughts come from? Where is their origin in your mind?

Focus on a positive image. Pick a flower or other simple image and hold it in your mind, eyes closed. Use it to block out other thoughts. Alternately, pick an aspiration—something positive about yourself, how you want to feel, anything, and repeat it over and over like a mantra. Occasionally choose something not about yourself, that’s positive for other people, and let your well wishes leave you feeling good.

Itemize the things that make you stressed out, anxious, or upset, and then clear the list. If you can fix it, make a plan. If not, send it into the ether where it can’t bother you anymore. If people are making you upset, focus on feeling empathy for them, and send them well wishes.

If you continue having depression symptoms, make sure to talk to your doctor about it.

Which natural treatment for depression would you want to try? What other natural treatments for depression are there?


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