Warm weather means an increased risk of food poisoning. Unlike winter stomach flu, which is caused by viruses like Norovirus and can even be airborne, summer stomach flu is caused by bacteria that happily grow in the warm weather. Stay ahead of the outbreaks by using safe food handling practices at home, and supporting your digestive immune system with a one-two punch of colloidal silver and probiotics.

Bacterial stomach flu can be caused at home or at a local restaurant by improper food handling (not washing hands enough or letting raw meat cross-contaminate other foods), or it could be an interstate outbreak, usually due to one or more contaminated foods going through processing equipment that then becomes contaminated and spreads the germs. Think cut fruit like cantaloupe, shredded coconut, peanut butter and other foods that go on or through equipment.

Right now, there are five active Salmonella outbreaks. One job related, two food related, and two pet related. Last year there were 8 total; it’s only March and bacteria season is just getting started!

The best way to avoid getting bacterial food poisoning is to start at home—cook meat to the recommended temperature for the type/cut, and clean everything touched by raw meat before moving on. Wash produce thoroughly, especially anything imported from a warmer climate (including Hawaii, Mexico, etc.).

It can be hard to predict which restaurants or products will have an outbreak, so it’s worth supporting your immune system with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver can be used as daily immune support, or as a back up when you eat something a little suspicious or funky. Taking probiotics regularly (but not at the same time as colloidal silver) can help too, encouraging the development of a diverse and robust protective good bacteria colony. Those good bacteria may help crowd out and fight off invading bad bacteria. A good probiotic supplement to take is Flora MGR, which has no preservatives but a ton of good bacteria.

Staying ahead can help you lessen and sometimes avoid symptoms, so start a practice of using colloidal silver and Flora MGR today.

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