Woman Exercising On BallNot really what you want to hear the day after a big Thanksgiving meal. But scientists have found the mechanism tying cholesterol to increased breast cancer rates. Cholesterol is broken down into 27HC, which can mimic estrogen and encourage the growth of breast cancer.

In mice, the presence of 27HC causes rapid growth of tumors. How were the mice exposed to 27HC? A high fat diet. A high fat diet can also cause extra weight, and that excess fat also contributes estrogen which feeds breast cancer tumors.

The good news is this is a very solvable problem. A little bit of exercise and a healthier diet can cut back on cholesterol and fat, and the estrogen they produce/mimic.

If you want to focus on cutting back cholesterol, there’s healthy, natural ways to do so. After all, for some people diet doesn’t lower cholesterol as much as you’d like. Plant sterols help to block cholesterol absorption in the gut. You can get plant phytosterols, as well as natural cofactors that encourage the body to regulate cholesterol in Cholesterol MGR. Cholesterol MGR works best as part of a healthy diet and exercise program (when it comes to your health, good things you do tend to add up to be more than the some of their parts).

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