Unless you’re closely following all the health studies that come out, you may not be aware that there’s a big new player in the world of health: bacteria. Not the kind of bacteria that make you sick, but the kind that keep you healthy—they support heart health, mental health, how we age, how we digest (even what we weigh) and overall wellness. Our gut bacteria, our skin bacteria, and bacteria all over and throughout our body are determining our health, influencing our lifestyle, and more. Make sure that you’re supporting your bacteria with Flora MGR.

Commercials, at least, have informed us for decades that supporting good gut bacteria can help regulate digestion, putting us in the perfect middle between being regular and having diarrhea. According to the past decades of research that easily observable fact is just scratching the surface of what our gut bacteria (and beyond) can do. They can change how well we absorb nutrients, what chemical signals get sent out from the gut (impacting diabetes risk, caloric use, and weight gain or loss), and what sorts of food we crave. Good bacteria influence us toward healthier eating (and thrive when we feed them prebiotics like vegetables) while bad bacteria can quickly spiral us toward craving sugar and other high caloric junk. Our gut bacteria even influence our risk of developing kidney stones and asthma!

It goes beyond the gut, though. Genital bacteria can affect men’s health and fertility, as well as women’s cervical cancer risk. Skin bacteria influence wound healing, infection risk, and more.

While some bacteria have actions that cause reactions in the body (like sending signals out from the gut), some of it is just a part of our immune system. Bacteria crowd out and fight off other pathogens—so you want the dominant bacteria you have to be the good ones, and to keep supporting them through lifestyle (hormones from exercising, prebiotic foods, sleep) and by replenishing them with a probiotic supplement like Flora MGR.

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