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Cavity Prevention

Out with the bad, in with the good. With all the research piling up about bacteria’s impact on our health throughout the body, it’s a good motto. A new study adds more about how bacteria is impacting our health: a bad bacteria from your mouth, Fusobacterium nucleatum, can make colon cancer grow faster. Clean out your mouth, then start supporting gut health and more with good bacteria from probiotics like Flora MGR.

One in three colon cancer patients have Fusobacterium nucleatum, and there was a known correlation with a more aggressive form of colon cancer. This new study took a closer look, finding that this bacteria is making cancer cells grow more quickly (but not affecting non-cancerous cells). This is great news, because it’s the sort of problem that will end up being easy to solve.

If you’re at risk for colon cancer, because of family history, diet, chronic conditions like inflammation, or just age, stay on top of regular screenings. In addition to supporting a healthy colon through lifestyle, you can add these other supportive behaviors to your routines:

-Clean out your mouth. Good oral hygiene has been shown in the past to benefit both the brain and cardiovascular system (it reduces inflammation, plaque, bacteria, and more). If you want to take it a step further, make sure you’re swishing your mouth with colloidal silver when you’re using it as a dietary supplement to give your mouth and throat more direct support.

-Take your probiotics. In addition to having a pie of study supported positive benefits, they can help support your immune system and gut by fighting off and crowding out bad bacteria. Make sure you have lots of good bacteria filling your gut with a probiotic rich diet, and supporting supplement like Flora MGR.

-A prebiotics diet (eating root vegetables and other foods that support good bacteria, and avoiding sugar, which feeds bad bacteria) lines up well with a colon-healthy diet. In addition to exercise, quality sleep, and other lifestyle factors, you can build a coalition of good habits that work together to support better health.

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