Bone Photo IllustratedDuring winter, bones need a little extra support. Bone density naturally waxes and wanes, depending not just on diet, but on the time of year, what city you live in, how old you are, your race (and other genetic factors), and more.

You can’t control everything (like your genes) but you can get ahead of some of the bigger known risks, like winter. Make sure you’ve got extra calcium in your diet with a high-quality supplement like Cal Mag Complete, especially if you’ve got other risk factors (compounding winter with your age, other health problems, or just bad genes).

One of the reasons winter is linked with bone loss is less sunlight. Vitamin D is not just important for calcium absorption, but bone growth and remodeling. Without the Vitamin D you get from sunlight, the calcium that is in your diet doesn’t go as far.

And there are other important nutrients (like manganese and magnesium) that work with calcium, so just getting a little more sun isn’t quite enough. You have to solve the problem with a good diet, or at least a good safety net in the form of a supplement. A good calcium supplement isn’t just calcium, it’s calcium and other minerals that make calcium more effective and support bone health.

Not just any calcium will do, either. Most nutrients are available in different forms, although cheaper supplements won’t advertise that (or what form they’ve got). A more bioavailable form means that a nutrient is more easily absorbed and used by the body (something that’s doubly important for aging gastrointestinal tracts, or people with chronic gut issues). Cal Mag Complete uses bioavailable calcium (calcium in its elemental form).

Make sure that you get the support you need for strong bones all winter long with Cal Mag Complete.

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