Woman with SkeletonHalloween seems like the perfect time to talk about the skeleton inside of you, not just because skeletons decorate doors and bones litter yards, but because the start of the colder season means a natural wane to bone density.

Let’s cover what you’ve already heard, first: pretty much everyone benefits from a calcium supplement. If you exercise, are a woman, are getting older, are young and growing… few people are exempt from needing the benefits of extra calcium.

The only exception: you can throw out your low-quality supplements. Health benefits, according to studies, only really come from bioavailable calcium sources that your body can use (try Cal Mag Complete), and cheap calcium supplements (that are basically just chalk) may actually be bad for you (in fact, they’re often the named reason behind supplement maligning headlines because your body has a harder time processing them, and they can accumulate in your arteries!).

You can also get calcium in your food from dark leafy greens and dairy. For those who think they’re lactose intolerant, you may want to see if there’s an A2 dairy near you. A2 type dairy is the milk humans historically drank, and is easier for the gut to tolerate (most modern milk comes from cows selectively bred for other benefits, and that breeding may have accidentally created lactose intolerance).

If there’s no way no how you can tolerate dairy, then stick to a supplement like Cal Mag Complete. A supplement will also help cover against junk foods that not only don’t offer nutrients, but may pull calcium out.

And don’t forget to exercise. Moving around against gravity helps keep your bones strong (sorry, swimmers).

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