Pollution conceptHeadlines are pretty bleak about a lot of everyday things we take for granted: the WHO says that almost everyone’s air is substandard; a new and more thorough study found that household dust is full of chemicals (it’s leaking off your furniture, your floor, paint, plastic toys/goods and more, then getting trapped); then, there’s all the stuff in our water, if it’s not lead it’s chromium-6 or some other toxin not yet outed.

While preventing that stuff getting through should be the first line of defense, we share our world, so there’s always going to be some pollution. And what part of the body deals with all the things we absorb through our skin, our lungs, and our digestive system? Our liver! And it deserves a little extra support. (Or even the sort of gentle detox you can get with Liver DTX).

What supports the liver (beside keeping things to good in/bad out)? There are several herbs with long-running associations with good liver health. In addition to that, it can be helpful to get an additional dose of some of those good things (antioxidants, in particular!). You can get a daily dose of liver support with Liver MGR.

The liver is pretty resilient because it’s built to do some hard work (maybe not quite the amount modern living asks of it, but almost). A little support can go a long way.

If you’re looking to get some other good habits into your day that support your liver, try these (you might already be doing them!):

-Drink more coffee. Coffee, specifically (not caffeine in general or tea, as I understand it) seems to have a protective effect on the liver.

-Drink less alcohol. Yeah, some studies say a small beer or glass of red wine (meaning 3-4oz, not the 6-8oz most wine glasses are nowadays) but those benefits are outweighed by the bad, especially if you already have liver problems (or a disposition to them).

-Choose a better pain reliever. In a lot of pain? A neat trick that’s been popularized in the last few years is alternating between pain relievers processed by the liver (like Tylenol) and those processed by the kidneys (NSAIDs like ibuprofen or aspirin). But if you just need a small bit of help for a headache, choose an NSAID first (which often have additional benefits, anyway). And don’t forget to try easier solutions before escalating (for example, seeing if a nap or glass of water can solve a headache, or easing sore muscles with something like our Dakota Muscle Relief).

-Exercise & eat nutritiously (and naturally). Supplements should be support to an already healthy lifestyle, which makes the biggest difference for almost every issue!

-Support your immune system with colloidal silver. After all, some disease like Hepatitis slowly infect and damage the liver. It’s another layer of extra support for a hard working organ!

If you aren’t already getting liver support from Liver MGR, give it a try and order a bottle today! Or try a cleanse with Liver DTX.

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