We know the bacteria in your gut, on your skin, and throughout your body impacts your health. As research reveals how much the bacteria shapes not just our health but who we are, they’re also seeking answers about cultivating good bacteria—and it turns out it’s not straightforward.

One of the ways to support having “good” or the right sort of gut bacteria is with prebiotics. Prebiotics are the foods that feed the good bacteria and help them multiply. Vegetables and other health foods, unsurprisingly, are what encourages the growth of healthy bacteria.

But there’s a twist—in a study that looked at how diet impacted gut bacteria (as well as other aspects of digestion), it didn’t create linear results. Vegetables with similar nutrients produced different results on the gut.

While researchers tried to make sense of their data, there are other variables to supporting gut health: exercise, mood, and more. It’s a feedback loop, good habits support good bacteria, and vice versa.

If you’re trying to get your mind and body on track with good bacteria, diet and good habits are a start. You can get more predictable extra help from a high-quality probiotic like Flora MGR. With a wide variety of probiotics known to be healthy, you can easily “reseed” and support your gut, skin, and beyond.

Your bacteria are important, they define your health, mood, and more. Make sure you’re taking at least one step a day to encourage good, healthy bacteria. One easy step is including Flora MGR in your day.


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