If you’ve played sports competitively, you may already know about systemic enzymes, which are used for sports injuries like bruises and muscle stiffness. Systemic enzymes are also used to reduce inflammation and swelling, as well as related pain and scar tissue.

Systemic enzymes like Protease S (one of many systemic enzymes found in Systemic EnZymes) function by supporting necessary immune functions, like a healthy inflammatory response. Inflammation is the body’s way of healing and removing cells that are dead or not functioning properly. Supporting a fast and healthy inflammatory response is a way of fighting chronic inflammation which can have several negative effects on health.

Another way that systemic enzymes may be useful is boosting white blood cell efficiency, and thus boosting the immune system. People with a weakened immune system, or who are trying to be really healthy, may benefit by supplementing with systemic enzymes.

Unlike digestive enzymes (like those found in Digest Aid+ or Enzyme Complete) which focus on helping to break down food, systemic enzymes are used in breaking down proteins throughout the body. Every organ uses systemic enzymes.

If you are taking heart medications, aspirin daily, or other blood thinning medications consult a doctor before taking any systemic enzymes, as they have blood thinning properties. Others may choose to take systemic enzymes for their blood thinning properties.

Have you ever taken Systemic Enzymes? What did or didn’t you like about them?


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