If it feels like 2018 is already going a little fast, with flu season cycling through, intense headlines, and all those New Year’s goals crammed into your schedule… take a minute to slow down, and make it a healthy one, with Jiaogulan tea.

The last thing most of us need is another cup of coffee, especially after lunch. But it’s still cold out (most days) and a warm cup of something may be just the thing. Jiaogulan tea is an herbal tea from Southeast Asia. Known their as the “tea of life” it’s associated with longevity, and has a long history of uses to support your health, including ulcers and digestive health, heart health, mental alertness, and more.

You can use Jiaogulan tea to support your health one other way by using it as a healthier alternative to a cup of coffee or can of soda. Instead of draining our resources, as a natural source of antioxidants and flavonoids it supports health while serving as a small pick-me-up. No, it’s not the same as a caffeine jolt, but it can be part of healthier habits that lead to a natural boon in calm, steady energy.

What does Jiaogulan taste like? It can be served hot or cold, and rebrewed a couple of times to pull out different flavors. The first brew is strong and earthy, most people like the milder second brew better (so always try that second cup). Served cold it pairs well with a tiny amount of natural sweetener. And the flavor is perfect if you’re feeling sick and want something to cut through it.

Try a cup of Jiaogulan tea today, whether it’s as a calm break in your day, or a healthier replacement for caffeine or sugar.

How do you like your Jiaogulan tea served? Leave us a note:


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