Sometimes experience gets it wrong, or there’s a wrong assumption that the easy, first steps were tried, and simple problems are given a complex solution that often fails.

A new study has found that for teens with treatment resistant depression, the best solution might be what should have been tried first: better nutrition. In the study, a strong correlation was found between teens with metabolic conditions that caused nutritional deficiencies and depression, and adding an easy to digest and absorb version of the missing nutrients restored health and balance.

Testing and treating metabolic conditions can be expensive, as can following it up with genetic testing. But the lesson from the study is free: don’t skip the basics. Average people with average American diets and habits can fall into health problems from lack of nutrients, sleep, and more, just the same.

Before jumping to the most expensive and complex treatment (or even a moderately so one!), always try the basics first. Are you getting a variety of nutrients? Make sure you’re getting the essentials with a daily multivitamin like Vita One. It’s got a wide variety of fresh, high-quality ingredients that are bioavailable (easy for the body to digest and use). Pair it with a specific multivitamin for added support.

A healthy diet is best, but increasingly common problems like Crohn’s, celiac, and other forms of bowel inflammation can make it hard for the body to get enough nutrients. Adding in some extra, easy to digest ones in the form of a multivitamin provides a set of building blocks to take through your day.

Make Vita One your first step each and every day.

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