Technology is disrupting our sleep. Some countries are blaming the hours we lose to binging Netflix, texting, reading breaking news, and mindlessly tapping games for causing economic downturns. Losing sleep is causing a loss in productivity, increasing automobile accidents, and taking a toll on our overall health by weakening our immune systems. Here’s how to make sure tech isn’t causing insomnia.

Past studies have shown that staring at a screen before bed decreases melatonin production, making it harder to fall asleep and sleep well. A new study found that households with access to high-speed internet slept fewer hours than those without access. In an age where we are constantly stimulated, it can be hard to get the rest we need without extra support from a natural supplement like Nite MGR.

Start by making technology work for you. Newer phones often have the feature built-in, but you can get it as an app on older phones: turn on a blue light filter. Blue light has been shown to be one of the main reasons technology disrupts our sleep (reading with a light on is still A-OK, after all). Some phones and apps will even allow you to set it up to be automatic, so that your phone, computer, or tablet will automatically start dimming the blue coming out of it at a certain time everyday. If you can’t put the screen down, you can still be ready for bed. Some apps and websites will even allow you to use nighttime mode, inverting the black text and white screen to diminish light output. Use as many features as you can to reduce biological triggers for insomnia.

If you think that’s putting the cart before the horse (you have trouble sleeping anyway, and the screen time is a crutch to pass the time), try finding an app to help guide your sleep. Apps can help tell you if you’re tossing and turning, find gentler ways to wake you in the morning, or replace a white noise machine. If you’re going to have a phone or tablet in your bedroom, put it to work for you.

Make sure your body is getting the sleep it needs by giving it extra support with Nite MGR. Nite MGR offers herbal and nutritional support so you can fall asleep and stay asleep more easily. Sleep isn’t just mental rest—your body is performing a number of critical maintenance functions, from your brain, to your heart, to any healing or clean up that needs done. Make sure it has the right nighttime nutritional support to get the job done with Nite MGR.

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