Buy Local ProduceIf you focus on eating healthy foods: good! Eating right is one of the biggest hurdles to being healthy. Whether you focus on making vegetables and fruit the biggest portions, or are eating an alternate diet (Asian, Latin, and other cuisines are great for avoiding wheat, dairy, and other common allergens), the effort you put in is probably making a big difference in the quality of life you experience now and in the future.

Just don’t let this hidden pitfall mess you up: imported foods might be coated with toxins like lead.

It’s great that we can get all types of food all year round from hot houses and by easily importing them, but some fruit and vegetables from developing countries (mostly China) are often come coated with pollution. (In fact, their own wealthy try and get food imported from less polluted countries).

It’s not necessarily how it’s grown, but China, for instance, has horrible air quality in some cities (people hide indoors and either shower or use hygiene products targeted at the problem), and everything gets coated, including produce that gets shipped here—which is too bad, since Asian pears are delicious.

But don’t panic. Most food is labeled with a country of origin, so you can make informed decisions. You can even decide that the occasional exotic treat is worth it.

If you’re worried you’ve had a lot of exposure (who doesn’t love modernity and having fresh fruit at our fingertips?) you can alleviate some of that with a detox.

Zeolite is a mineral that forms when volcanic rock and ash meets alkaline groundwater. What makes it useful for detoxing is that it has a cage like structure that removes large particles like heavy metals.

Winter means more imported produce. Don’t miss out on a healthy diet, just keep the toxins in control with an occasional cleanse with Zeolite. (And follow it up with a good mineral supplement; Humic and Fulvic acid pairs well, or if you’re already taking Cal Mag Complete that works too).

Do you spend time checking food labels? What’s your experience? Share with us in the comments:


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