Perk Up Your Winter


Make the most of the unexpected. The next time bad weather keeps you home, or there’s a road closure, turn it into a mental vacation. (If nothing serendipitous happens, consider scheduling one). Taking a day off to blow off steam has been shown to increase productivity at work, boost mental health, and decrease your number of actual sick days. Between mental health days, be sure to give yourself the daily support you need with D.S.A. MGRx and colloidal gold.

How do you know when it’s time for a 1 day staycation? Mental signs you need a break include being sick of everyone around you for no reason—including yourself. When you’re giving yourself a pep talk to get through the basics, it’s time to pull back for a break.

If your emotions are out-of-whack and your focus isn’t there, you might need a change of pace. While a mental health day might be enough, you can also ask to change up your responsibilities to help freshen your outlook and renew your creativity for whatever you do.

Physical signs include fatigue and poor sleep. Whether a poor mental state is keeping you up or you are starting your day with dread that’s fatiguing, you might need day without scheduled activities to rest and reset. Sometimes, getting sick frequently can be a sign we need to stop and check in, too. The mind body connection is real, but we often dismiss the problems we can’t see. When we reach the point we’re getting sick more, it’s time to stop and rest.

Put the joy back in your day to day life. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and one day can change the world.

When you’re back in your routine, give yourself daily support. D.S.A. MGRx may help stress, anxiety, and depression using traditional herbs. Colloidal gold may help with focus, memory, mood, energy, and more.

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