In a study of women over 65, those with lower levels of Vitamin D were more likely to put on extra weight. While there continues to be some controversy over supplementing Vitamin D (you can get it from the sun, after all!) a growing body of research shows that there are numerous benefits to avoiding Vitamin D deficiency.

The theory behind the weight gain is that during the winter, we’re exposed to less sunlight and (at least in olden times) could use a few extra pounds to deal with the cold. One Vitamin D deficiency symptom might be to trigger the body into thinking it needs that winter weight—but if levels don’t go up, then the body never stops slowly saving those extra calories. Scientists are performing more tests focusing on how addressing Vitamin D deficiency might help with America’s weight problem.

If the theory’s true, since there is less sun in winter supplementing with Vitamin D might turn out to be a great way to keep our bodies from adding winter pounds that we don’t really need anymore. Even in summer, fewer people are getting the daily sunlight they need to maintain healthy levels and avoid Vitamin D deficiency symptoms, which can be subtle.

Some are arguing that Americans don’t have Vitamin D deficiency, based on levels reported from blood tests. However, if those levels are based off of FDA recommendations, then those are minimums (hospitals do so have a very bureaucratic way of looking at things!).

Other studies have shown that Vitamin D may even be helpful in supporting the body as it fights Hepatitis C.

Have you noticed a decrease in Vitamin D deficiency symptoms like fatigue or depression after starting a new supplement? Share your thoughts with us!


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