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It’s the new marker for what’s healthy: a study has found that getting regular Vitamin D improves the amount of healthy bacteria in the gut.

It was already known that Vitamin D is essential for good health. It supports the immune system, bones, mood, and has other important roles throughout the body. Not getting enough Vitamin D is associated with seasonal affective disorder, other forms of depression, fatigue, and general poor health.

But here’s the new “should be obvious” thing researchers have uncovered: in a study, there was a direct correlation between getting more Vitamin D and improving the gut microbiome. Improving the amount of healthy bacteria and decreasing the amount of bad bacteria is a new measure of what’s healthy. Researchers started with obvious things like weight, stress, sleep, and exercise and how they impact our microbiome. The relationship between our habits and our microbiome is being expanded—even coffee was found to be supportive.

To get more Vitamin D in your diet you can get more sunlight, or you can make sure you get your daily dose with a daily multivitamin like Triple Strength Antioxidant. Taking a daily multivitamin helps ensure you are getting all the basics each day, balancing what you eat and supporting the body when it’s struggling to absorb enough (during illness, or as we age).

Good habits, like getting nutritional support, help support a healthy microbiome. For a boost to overcome bad habits and an unhealthy gut microbiome, support yourself with high-quality probiotics like Flora MGR.

You can also add probiotics to your diet with fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, and some pickled foods. The best probiotics have a wide variety of bacteria strains and are low on added sugar.

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