Irritable bowel syndrome has become common enough that it’s often used as a punchline in pop culture for easy, gross humor. For people with IBS, it’s not a joke. It can make life hard, interrupting work and other activities, and requiring some awkward sharing that other diseases are at least free of.

Irritable bowel syndrome is suspected to be a cause of poor communication within the body–bad signaling between the brain and the colon–leading to physical symptoms of gas, cramping, bloating, and diarrhea or constipation, and mental symptoms that can include anxiety and depression (which are only made worse once you are dealing with the physical symptoms!).

Studies have found evidence that people with IBS need more Vitamin D, and that it might even help with symptoms of IBS, making Vitamin D supplementation a priority for anyone looking to get a handle on IBS symptoms.

People with gastrointestinal disorders like IBS are often deficient of one or more nutrients, so it isn’t so surprising that Vitamin D is one of them. But the correlation between symptoms and Vitamin D may be surprising, especially when many health problems are blamed on the junk we eat (and IBS sufferers know all about trigger foods) rather than the good things we’re missing. There’s an even stronger correlation that Vitamin D may help with other GI diseases, like IBD and colorectal cancer, so it’s not without merit to suggest there’s probably truth to the studies linking it with IBS! (And in any case, Vitamin D is pretty important, so having a big risk factor for being low like IBS warrants seeking out more in your diet!)

Luckily, you don’t have to digest Vitamin D to get more, you can just spend some time in the sun. Unluckily, even people without IBS tend to be a little on the low side of their Vitamin D levels, so a supplement will probably still be important.

It’s critical for people with digestive issues to choose easy to absorb nutrients, like those found in Vita One daily multivitamin. Not only is it gentler on digestion (less stomach upset and gas from taking them) but you can absorb more, and use more of what you absorb.

Everyone should take a daily multivitamin like Vita One. People with health issues should especially–since sometimes they offer a simple solution, or at least a start, to complex problems. In any case, little gets done in the body without the basic building blocks they offer!

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