The weather this year has been warm, but it finally feels like summer. Unfortunately, the occasional heat wave and generally warmer temps mean less sleep.

After pouring through research, there’s a strong correlation between an increase in temperature and sleepless nights, and it’s worse for those who are older (who are more susceptible to heat) and those without air conditioning. While body temperature is an obvious factor in sleep, this study focuses on data showing that outside temperature has a widespread effect on people’s sleep.

And lost sleep isn’t something to brush off. There’s lots of correlations between not enough (or poor) sleep and adverse health effects like heart troubles, weakened immune system, mental clarity, and weight. A new study has even teased out a probable causation for some of that: lack of sleep causes the brain to eat up some connections. Over the long term this may be the reason lack of sleep is associated with health problems like dementia.

What can you do? Keep cool on hot summer nights. It might require rearranging where you sleep, or using a cooling unit (some cities are even catching on to the importance of cool air when people sleep, and subsidizing electricity during summer).

And make sure other factors that contribute to poor sleep are kept in check, like too many lights (including blinking LEDs) in the bedroom, eating and exercising habits, and other physical comforts.

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