Forest WalkBy now, New Year’s and the promises it brought are probably long forgotten. Now’s a great time to re-establish health goals—before fall comes, and winter lethargy (and the holiday rush) set in.

First, break your goals apart. Try and set habits you want to build, rather than larger, more abstract goals.

For example, if you want to lose weight, try instead making small goals:

-Going for a 20-30 minute walk daily.
-Replacing 1 meal a week with something healthy (and a healthier dessert, like grilled peaches or pineapple).
-Trying out a new active hobby. Or breaking out an old one—hula hooping, for instance, can burn 600 calories an hour because you are moving in a way you don’t usually.

Or maybe you want to sharpen your mind:

-Spend 10 minutes on a puzzle each day (sudoku or a crossword puzzle from the paper).
-Schedule a weekly time for a social chat.
-Be an active participant—however you spend your time, really engage. You’ll do better at work, and have hobbies to talk about at your friend date.

You can also create a daily habit by using supplements to boost your goals. It’s a great starting point to make a change. You’ll feel good that you remember to do something for your benefit each day, and can use it as a spark to start more health goals.

Here are some that will fit many of the most common goals (as well as potentially benefit all your new habits):

-Give your brain a boost with MesoGold, which is reported to help with focus, clarity, and memory.

-Try Slim NRG to help boost your metabolism as you exercise more.

-Supplement any dietary changes with Welltrient One so all your nutritional needs are covered as you experiment with new foods and amounts.

Need a reason to get started? Health experts say working out your mind and body is the key to aging, and fighting off health problems.

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