Example Of A Colloid


Example Of A ColloidA colloid is a suspension of something in something else (usually water). This is in contrast to a solution, where something is dissolved in something else.

A solution, for example, could be sugar stirred into tea or salt added to water. When salt is dissolved, the salt molecules disappear among the water molecules, and the solution is clear (unless you add too much, then the salt collects in the bottom!).

Milk (milk fats in water), whipped cream (air in cream), and blood (cells, blood plasma) are examples of colloids. Fat does not dissolve in water, but with milk it’s evenly suspended throughout, and you can “see” its dispersion, same with the others.

Purest colloids are defined by what’s in them, NOT what color they are (although if there’s a lot of impurities, it’s possible you could tell by looking at it). Specifically, colloidal silver brands that define their being a purest colloid based on being see-through are misleading.

See-through/clear “colloidal” silvers are actually ionic silvers. The ionic silver, because of its charge, dissolves among the water molecules. This also illustrates why ionic silver is inferior to true colloidal silver, regardless of whether it claims to be a purest colloid (meaning it’s only silver, without proteins or other contaminantes).

One study found that ionic silver’s nano silver particles cluster outside of the cell around Phosphorous, where as colloidal silver’s nano silver particles pass through the cell.

Now, this could also be how argyria comes about. Argyria is caused when people drink gallons of silver over decades, and it fails to pass through the body. Ionic silver accumulating around the outside of the cell could cause the blue-gray discoloration in high enough quantities. Drinking a purest colloid likely reduces this risk.

Finally, the process of creating a colloidal silver (rather than an ionic silver) is far more complex, and so home generators (and many companies trying to pass ionic silver as colloidal silver) aren’t capable of producing it.

What questions about marketing claims do you have with regard to colloidal silver, purest colloids, or other natural supplements?


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