ZeoliteZeolite is a mineral that strips toxins, particularly heavy metals, from the body. It’s a mineral complex that is shaped like a honeycomb and has a negative charge. Zeolite’s shape and charge are what helps it to remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

Large minerals that the body needs, like calcium and phosphorous, are left as they are too big to fit into zeolite’s structure.

pH balance is also important, and zeolite can push pH balance in the body (to a more desirable) alkaline level.

Zeolite is also a bit controversial, because there are 50 different types of naturally occurring zeolite (and 100 more synthetic ones), not all of them are safe. While this may seem obvious, many websites will talk about “zeolite” broadly, without distinguishing between the different forms.

If something doesn’t name a specific zeolite, do not assume it applies to all zeolite.

Where Does Zeolite Come From?

It’s mined from the ground. Zeolite is actually quite strong, it can survive at high temperatures as well as highly acidic envioronments (like the stomach).

What Is Zeolite Liquid?

Zeolite also comes in a powder form, but this is often an inferior product.

Liquid zeolite is not liquified (broken down) zeolite (yes, some companies claim this!) but zeolite suspended in water. The zeolite at Colloids for Life also contains humic and fulvic minerals, to help replenish the body and its cells.

Liquid zeolite is also easy to take, as it’s odorless and tasteless and can be taken on an empty stomach.

What Is A Safe Zeolite?

Most zeolite supplements (including ours) are made with clinoptilolite, a naturally occuring zeolite.

Some zeolite brands crush their zeolite in order to increase bioavailabilty; some evidence shows that this may make the product a potential health hazard, and until more research is done unprocessed/uncrushed zeolite is a safer alternative.

What Is Zeolite’s Potential For Side-Effects?

People taking metal based medicines (lithium, chemotherapy) should not take zeolite right before or during their therapy. As with all natural supplements, it’s important to read labels carefully and talk to a doctor or pharmacist about interactions and other concerns.

Some report that zeolite causes dehydration. Taking more fluids when detoxing with zeolite is an easy way to prevent this possible symptom.

Clinoptilolite zeolite has been sold as a supplement for several years, and there are no other negative effects reported.

Zeolite usually leaves the body in 6-8 hours (through excretion).

Can Zeolite Be Taken With Meso Products?

Yes! All of our colloidal supplements are non-ionic, and should be fine with zeolite! To be safe, you may want to take them separately, but you shouldn’t need to.

What else would you like to know about Zeolite?


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