Girl With Stomach CrampsIt happens. A recalled jar of peanut butter, a funky picnic salad, or undercooked meat… and right away, or even as long as 6 weeks later, you find yourself feeling funny. Your stomach hurts, it cramps, and you might have vomiting or diarrhea (or both, which the internet colorfully calls “shuking”).

You know you need to stay hydrated to make it through being sick. Drink as many clear liquids as you can.

But did you know that what you eat after being sick is really important?

A case of food poisoning is pretty much the biggest event your gut bacteria can experience—it just about extinguishes your colonies of good bacteria. (Which are important for digestion, weight, mental function, and numerous other aspects of our health we’re only just discovering.)

So once you’re feeling better, don’t just go for high calorie foods, although it will be tempting if you were sick long enough. Eat smart—yogurt, cheeses, fruits, whole grains—all things that will impact your good bacterial growth (fiber, surprisingly, impacts colonies too! and some fruits and veggies are considered “prebiotics”—which help colonies grow).

You can also jump start those colonies, and push them in the right direction, with a targeted supplement like Colon CLN. (And it’s a good one to have on hand before you get sick, so you can support your gastrointestinal tract fighting off the bug).

Also keep in mind that even small activities, like flossing, can impact what bacteria you have (specifically, it will reduce the cavity causing kinds).

What’s your favorite meal once you get over an illness?


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