Here in Colorado we’re still getting snow, and, in addition to other things, cold and flu season is still going on. At the same time, many have weakened immune systems from allergies starting up, stress from the news and elsewhere, and lifestyle changes that may impact diet and exercise. Like many, we’re doing all we can to support and boost our immune systems! But what’s the best supplement for immune defense?

While colloidal silver is our go-to for general, gentle, safe immune support, there are other supplements that help in other ways when you want to support your immune system, like Immune System PWRx, which is loaded with immune supporting herbs and nutrients.

Who Needs an Immune System Supplement?

Most people could benefit from an immune system supplement, ideally the best supplement for immune defense. We all have good and bad days! How we eat, how well we sleep, whether we’ve got stress, and how many pathogens we’re fighting off (or even just small wounds we’re healing) impact how well our immune system is functioning.

Some people have ongoing health issues, which could be as common as weight (too high OR too low), chronic disease, or even chronic mood/stress issues, and these can weaken the immune system to various extents. Genetics, our gut bacteria, and our environment may also impact how our immune system functions.

When you look at the list of things impacting our immune systems, you can see why it’s important to have the best supplement for immune defense!

Immune System Support Should Come from Multiple Sources

Colloidal silver is a good, one size-fits-all daily supplement. But there are other ways to support your immune system, and if you have multiple sources of concern, maybe you should have multiple sources of support!

Any immune system supplement should be a compliment to healthy habits that support your immune system—from getting enough sleep, to eating veggies, to having habits that bust stress. But we don’t always check all those boxes—especially if we get hit with fatigue and other symptoms of being sick!

With the additional immune system support of Immune System PWRx, you get traditional immunity boosting plants like Maitake mushroom, Elderberry, and goldenseal, as well as immune supporting nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

Focus On the Best Supplement for Immune Defense for You

Food allergies may prevent us from taking some supplements, or others may just work better for our unique bodies.

To find the best supplement for immune defense for you, you may want to try multiple types.

If you talk with others into natural and alternative health support, many will recommend a variety of plants… most of which can be found in Immune System PWRx

What’s In Immune System PWRx?

Immune System PWRx is from the high-quality Welltrient line of nutrients, with formulas made from traditional knowledge and modern research to make the best supplement for immune defense in just one capsule. 

With the best quality, freshest ingredients and never any fillers, preservatives/machine lubricants (commonly used in other supplements)—Immune System PWRx is the best supplement for immune defense because it crams as many known immune supporting ingredients as you can into one capsule!

Herbs Have Long Been Known and Used to Boost the Immune System

Herbal knowledge is still popular, and you’ve probably read recommendations for various herbs online. Before you buy low-quality one ingredient supplements from the grocery store, check out Immune System PWRx which has the best ingredients with a range of immune supporting or boosting functions. When it comes to herbal and nutritional support, Immune System PWRx is the best supplement for immune defense.

Immune System Supplements and Other Forms of Support

To make the most of the best supplements for immune defense, make them a part of an immune supporting lifestyle. Start each day with a supplement like Immune System PWRx, and follow it up with as many immune supporting habits as possible:

  • Wash hands frequently, open windows on nice days, and clean frequently.
  • Plan frequent 10 minute stress-busting activities, and spend at least 10 minutes of each waking hour stretching, doing gentle exercise, or doing any other physical activity.
  • Preplan meals and snacks to help yourself avoid junk and eat more of what your body needs
  • Keep water nearby for frequent sipping.

Take your immune system support to the next level with the best supplement for immune defense: Immune System PWRx.


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver MesoSilver is an all-natural, drug-free dietary supplement that acts as an unparalleled supplement to the immune system. Use it to fight off pathogens and keep your body healthy.

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