Swine Flu SignSwine flu is a monkey wrench when it comes to flu season. Whether it’s a sub-par flu shot (and flu shots are already less-than any other vaccine), or a surprise strain that causes wide-spread illness, it’s perhaps the part of flu season we should all be looking at most closely.

So where’s swine flu now? Right now, India is struggling with an outbreak, and how to manage it. What does that mean if you’re in the US? Diseases are a global problem, as Ebola taught us, and as the ongoing (but under-reported) problem of TB shows us. American holidays are a cheap time to buy airline tickets into, and out of, the US, so the chances of it spreading here goes up as well.

What should you do about swine flu? The good news is we’re all a little more resistant to it than we were when the first outbreak occurred—so it’s not as threatening as most people have internalized to to be (honestly, bird flu should be more threatening—especially as there are more strains mixing and mutating closer to home!).

What should you do about it? Same as you should be doing anyway—extra hand-washing throughout flu season (it’s proven to reduce how often you get sick), staying home when sick, and supporting your immune system, both with good habits like sleeping and eating well, and with immune supporting supplements (because everyone can use a little boost!).

MesoSilver is a great immune supporting supplement. It’s been around, and praised, for millennia, and is even used in many different settings today.

Or try an herbal supplement to boost your immune system, like Immune System Regenerator. It not only boosts the immune system, it supports cellular health, healthy cholesterol, blood pressure, and even energy!

What winter illnesses catch you every year?


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