Glucose Strips DiabetesLooking at the data, it would seem that half of US adults have either diabetes, or pre-diabetes. If you’re black, Hispanic, or Asian-American, the chances you’re in that 50% are even higher.

Those are good odds that you might need a little extra help. The silver-lining is that Type-2 Diabetes isn’t just highly manageable, it’s reversible!

How to Boost the Obvious:

Most people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic probably hear from their doctors regularly to exercise and lose weight (well, hopefully—it’s common for doctors to feel uncomfortable nagging their patients about what’s presumably obvious, even if it’s necessary). It can become background noise, but here are some easy ways to get started:

Exercise: start slow. Every little bit helps! And with diabetes, you’re looking at measurable results; getting a phone app or gadget to count and measure can help boost your confidence (and thus success). Let that challenge you to do more, rather than focusing on other numbers, like weight (which can go back and forth).

Diet: If you’ve struggled in the past, try a counter-intuitive approach—eat more. More fruits, vegetables, and heck, even herbs and spices (think, adding cumin to a dish, or fresh cut garden herbs). They’re low calorie, and will add nutrients that will help you feel better, and change your eating habits naturally. Plus, they add flavor to “health” food.

If you’re really stuck on weight, try a natural, non-stimulant boost, like Slim NRG.

But Don’t Stop With The Basics:

Give your body extra support against diabetes. In one trial, spirulina was shown to be helpful to diabetics. Or go for targeted nutritional support, with Glycemic MGRx.

Don’t think you’re in the diabetic 50%? Consider getting tested (it can be a simple fast, apple juice, and blood draw). Past studies have shown people are really poor judges of their health when it comes to weight and consequences.

Afraid to test? Then follow the above steps to start making changes.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!:


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