Woma With Tension Headache and GlassesCold weather tensing your muscles? Stress getting to you? Or maybe you slipped into a bad posture for too long?

Once a tension headache starts, it can build up until it’s debilitating. Quick, effective relief is critical. Opt for something easy, fast, and natural. Try Dakota Muscle Relief.

Dakota Muscle Relief has natural ingredients that anyone can identify right off the label. More importantly—they work, quickly and effectively, to help ease muscle tension, and unclamp the vice on your head.

Because the ingredients are so safe and natural, I also feel comfortable applying it to temples and sinuses if the headache has spread. (Tip: make sure your skin isn’t dry, or blemished which can burn a little.) If it’s early in the headache, massage your neck muscles a little before applying it.

Of course, that’s just step one. Make sure to address the causes of tension headaches: poor posture, dehydration, and sometimes even diet.

Start drinking water right away, even as you rub on Dakota Muscle Relief (I like our rub on for just that version—it brings a small massage with application, but if you don’t have a friend to get the out-of-reach spots, try the spray). Depending on your headache, you may want to either stretch or lie down and relax everything (try this exercise: tense every muscle from your toes to your head while relaxing on your back. Even stick your tongue out and squish your face.)

Look at bigger picture for causes of tension headaches. Look at where you sit, the shoes you stand in, the bed you sleep on. Are you messing up your back and neck? Most people don’t realize this, but you can greatly improve your back by stretching your feet, legs, and up—tense muscles there means bad posture and spreading tension elsewhere.

As far as nutrients, there are two paths to take. If you feel sore or tense (beyond a tension headache, like a bad day out, or a fall) try Body RLF. If you want ongoing support to avoid a chronic problem, try our Sleep Support pack. There’s a lot your body does while you sleep, and you need the nutritional support in the pack to do it. It also helps if you have a good, relaxing night’s sleep.

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